I'm a Lithuanian creator based in Basel, Switzerland. With a passion for visual communication, art direction, and creative problem-solving, I immerse myself in a diverse range of projects. It brings me joy to explore various techniques, concepts, and materials, from traditional and digital art to sculpture, video, animation, textiles and many more.
My journey is driven by a desire to create visually compelling and impactful experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for conceptual thinking, I love crafting innovative solutions that engage and inspire. I believe in the power of visual storytelling and aim to deliver meaningful messages through my work.
Whether it's through art direction, creating visuals, or devising creative strategies, I embrace every opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity and transform ideas into reality. Join me as I seek fresh perspectives and create experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Embarking on a journey of creative exploration, I delved into the intricate world of relationships through textile scanning. Inspired by the keyword "relationship," I scanned a striped t-shirts that belongs to myself and my partner. This process allowed me to extract captivating patterns and textures, symbolizing the interwoven connections within relationships. As I deepened my designs, the formal criteria of materiality guided me, shaping the visual narrative of the project. From the initial exploration of various techniques and concepts, this project emerged as a celebration of the complex, beautiful, and ever-evolving nature of relationships.


In collaboration with my colleague and good friend, Auriane Locatelli, I had the pleasure of working on a motion design project centered around the iconic Tinguely Museum in Basel, Switzerland. Our goal was to pay homage to the architectural brilliance of the museum and the mesmerizing artworks of Jean Tinguely.
Drawing inspiration from sketches by the architect Mario Botta and the building's purpose, we embarked on creating a short animation that would encapsulate the essence of the museum. The video predominantly features white line work components of the building, meticulously animated to move in a repetitive fashion against a striking black background. To further enhance the immersive experience, we recorded the sound directly from within the museum itself.


Inspired by the enchanting Arabian myth of alchemy and the recipe for creating a human, "Myth of a Memory" is a project that delves into the realm of cherished recollections and empathy. At its core is a hand-crafted black clay ceramic memory box, housing 14 small compartments, each safeguarding an object linked to my memory. Viewers can lift the lid of any compartment, revealing an intimate object imbued with personal meaning. Accompanying each object is a carefully composed recipe, meticulously detailing the step-by-step process of recreating my memory. Through this unique blend of artistry and storytelling, "Myth of a Memory" invites participants to delve into the alchemy of remembrance and intimate connection to another person.


Inspired by lighthearted video games, 'dopamine-core' and childhood memories, this project invites players to explore a virtual world based on FHNW HGK 6th floor. This playful environment is filled with amusing animal characters, hidden rooms and vibrant, but still recognisable scenes.


Diving into the depths of artistic exploration, I embarked on a personal project centered around the mesmerizing beauty of corals. As a ceramic artist and the owner of a small shop 'Nice Things', I sought to capture the organic elegance of coral formations in my handcrafted ceramic objects.
Using a variety of clays, including porcelain and colored clay, I handbuild unique forms reminiscent of coral structures. With careful attention to detail, each piece is meticulously crafted to evoke the delicate complexity found in nature's underwater marvels. To further enhance the resemblance to coral, I embrace diverse glazing techniques. The vibrant and nuanced glazes that adorned the ceramic surfaces mirrored the vibrant hues and textures of coral growth.
Each object, when finished, becomes a stunning homage to the organic wonders that dwell beneath the sea.


In this collaborative project, my close friend and colleague Judy Kessba and I delved into the world of VR/AR photography, driven by the pressing issue of global warming and rising sea levels.
Our exploration began with the meticulous 3D scanning of a tree branch, capturing its intricate details and unique characteristics. From these scans, we crafted a diverse range of digital models, each one offering a glimpse into the branch's beauty. Using Adobe Aero, a powerful AR authoring tool, we blended these digital models with previously captured photographs of the same tree branch. To enhance the viewer's experience, we incorporated subtle movements and animations into the objects. As viewers explored this fictional environment, they were transported to a world reminiscent of an abandoned Earth or an unknown planet. The landscapes, featuring melting icecaps and diverse terrains, evoked a sense of wonder, curiosity and fusion of the real and the virtual.


In this ongoing textile-based project, I explore identity and the weight of it, we carry in the symbolic form of clothing labels. Inspired by the thought-provoking artist Alina Kopytsa and our discussions on Ukrainian resistance art movements, this particular piece serves as a poignant reflection of my and my ancestors journey.
Every label in this artwork has been carefully removed and graciously donated by people in my community, symbolizing the intimate connection between personal identity, our surroundings and the garments we wear.
This piece is accompanied by a personal artist statement, providing further insight into the conceptual framework and underlying emotions that drive this project forward.


In this collaborative project with my colleague and good friend Michelle Muller, our goal was to experiment as much as possible with the phrase 'Stable Flux' and the transformative power of projection.
Starting with a black and white typographic visual, we carefully selected the text content to convey a sense of constant contrast and duality. Building upon this foundation, we ventured into the realm of projection, using beam technology and various screen materials to create striking visual effects. To accentuate the contrasting nature of the message, we projected the word 'Stable' onto dynamic, ever-changing objects such as ice, falling sand, and swinging crystals. In contrast, the word 'Flux' adorned static, solid objects like rocks and plastic. This intentional juxtaposition emphasized the interplay between stability and change, offering a thought-provoking visual experience. Each projection setting was meticulously chosen for its materiality and the associations it evoked within the viewer. From exploring the different states, scales, and shapes of water to contrasting natural and unnatural substances like stone and plastic, the materials served as conduits for visual storytelling.


As a ceramics, crafter and 3D printing enthusiast, I embark on a transformative journey of artistic exploration. By merging traditional craftsmanship with the technology of 3D printing, I seek the boundaries of what is possible in ceramic creation.


In this project, I delved into the captivating world of relationships, embracing the concept of friction as a driving force. Using color pencils on friction-free paper made from stone, I explored the dynamics inherent in relationships. Each stroke of the pencil on the smooth surface represented the complexities and tensions that arise between individuals. As I pushed the boundaries of traditional materials, the vibrant colors and delicate lines brought these dynamics to life. Through this project, I aimed to capture the essence of relationships, sparking contemplation and dialogue.